31 weeks

I’ve stopped running. And I’m barely even walking. Taking my dog for a walk is happening, at best, twice per week. Even walking less than a mile is painful these days. On days I walk, I have tons of pelvic pressure and pain. I really have put exercise on the back burner as of late. 

Mentally, it is a struggle. My last pregnancy was much different. I was very active, went to the gym regularly, drank lots of water, took my vitamins regularly, and did all the “right” things. I have to keep in mind that I had no job, and taking care of myself and my dog were my two biggest priorities. I got to nap for 2+ hours every day last pregnancy. It was amazing. 

My energy is pretty zapped this go around. And bending over and carrying a thrashing 32 pound toddler up a flight of stairs 5 times per day for “bedroom time” is qualifying as my “exercise” these days. Instead of squats, I am getting up and down to have tea parties, tuck stuffed animals in, build block towers, read books, buckling car seats, etc. No leg presses, but does carrying my daughter from appointment to appointment in the Ergo carrier count? I am not in a place where I can section out a splice of time to work out. And I’m working on being ok with that. 

Plus, on top of daily tasks of stay at home parenthood, my daughter and I have been butting heads like nobody’s business. And that is a huge bummer. I don’t think anything can wipe away energy faster than being pregnant and constantly being at odds with a 2.5 year old….I’ll probably retract that statement when baby #2 comes along and when she’s 16 šŸ˜‚ But seriously, it’s sad. So I’ve been working to build that relationship back up. And so far, the last 4 days have been great, but it takes even MORE energy and effort. But my mental health is much better because of it. 

These are our last weeks as a family of 3, so my husband and I have really been trying to do some fun things as a family (in addition to me doing fun stuff with just E). We took a quick day trip to the beach and E had a BLAST. I went swimming with E earlier in the week too, as well as visited a kids museum. The weekend before, we all went to E’s first movie, Finding Dory. She and dad had a day of errands together and he took her out for pizza while I deep cleaned. 

As you know, my husband is in the Army and is never around when I need him šŸ˜‰ Kidding….sort of. So, we’ve known for a while that he won’t be there the month before the birth. In fact, he gets home a few days before my due date. However, we just found out that he has to leave for another month right after he gets home. So I have a lot of anxiety around this birth. We are also doing a home birth. Did I mention that before? Who knows. But this is what I keep telling myself, “There are so many military wives that have been in your shoes. He may not be there for the birth and that is something to deal with when it comes.” My mom will be here, so SOMEONE will be around to call the midwife šŸ˜‰ 

I do not have one thing out for this baby šŸ˜¬ I know, I need to get on that. I have my husband for 2 more weekends. But I’d really rather go to the beach, movies, and do fun things than set up for a baby. Problem is, he won’t be around before or after, so forward thinking is the name of the game right now. Which I don’t have because this pregnancy, I’ve been pretty brain dead šŸ™ƒ

Here’s a picture of the belly at 32 weeks šŸ˜±šŸš¼

Ok, that’s all for now! 


Author: cgrundhauser

Stay at home mom of a 2yr old and one on the way. Training to run a half marathon 26 weeks pregnant!

2 thoughts on “31 weeks”

  1. Sounds like you’re doing a great job balancing your pregnancy and your family! Keep taking it one day at a time! Also, that’s a super cute bump picture!


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