40 weeks

Due date was September 11 and now we just sit tight until little man decides to grace us with his presence. A few things have changed for the better: my husband doesn’t have to leave again, AND he got to come home early in case I went into labor early. I am SOOOO grateful for that. My mom has been with me for the last 5 weeks and when she leaves, I don’t know how I’ll survive 😩 It is amazing how helpful it is having another person around all day. I’ve really been stepping back and letting my mom do a lot, which is completely out of character for me. I have an idea of what is coming, so I’m attempting to take it easy while I can. There was a 2 week readjustment that everyone went through in the beginning, coupled with a growth spurt, but after that it was smooth sailing. It really has been such a weight off of my shoulders having her around. It’s JUST what I needed. 

I have been seeing a chiropractor weekly to help with my back and hips. Usually by day 5 I’m needing another readjustment, but this week, it’s been three days since my last one and I’m HIGHLY considering driving 2 hrs round trip to see her again. She’s that awesome, plus, I can’t really move and I’m not getting sleep (coupled with pregnancy insomnia). Last night I put lavender on the area that my back hurt, plus my temples, and I even took a Tylenol (the last time I took Tylenol was a year ago when I couldn’t walk from a running injury after a 20 mile run, and someone had to suggest that to me bc I forgot pain relievers existed…so for me to take one pregnant is not my first option). Needless to say, I slept like a rock. Lavender always knocks me out cold, and this morning, I got out of bed to go to the bathroom and I can put my right foot in the ground and not limp! I’m ecstatic about that. 

I’ve mentioned this a million times before, but this pregnancy was SO different from my first. I’m definitely ready to start my new life as a family of four. It’s going to be difficult. But I know that it’s a different kind of difficult and I’m ready to dive into that. 

I went to the ER last week for a bacon grease burn. I got to spend 3 hrs with my husband while Grandma watched E, so that was actually really nice. The burn ended up being not bad at all. A minor 2nd degree, and it’s already healed up. Another positive thing: it was AFTER we had eaten, so our bellies were full 😊 

My sister in law/running buddy is training for her first marathon coming up in October in Minnesota (Twin Cities Marathon). I’m SO excited for her. She has dedicated her entire spring/summer to this, plus works full time (a very demanding job with evening events and travel), has 2 kids, AND her husband (my brother) works full time as well. To say their life is nuts is an understatement. Not to mention the complete renovation they did this last year on the majority of their first floor. By themselves 😳 So I’m SUPER stoked for this race for her. Crossing that finish line brings everything full circle, ya know? Can’t wait for her to have that experience. 

Well, I guess my next update will be my birth story 😱 Wish me luck!


Author: cgrundhauser

Stay at home mom of a 2yr old and one on the way. Training to run a half marathon 26 weeks pregnant!

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